Webinar: How to create a proper job advert that stands out

Webinar: How to create a proper job advert that stands out

Join us on Thursday, 26th of January at 11 AM (EET) for a webinar ''How to create a proper job advert that stands out''.

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This informative session will be packed with valuable tips and insights on crafting job advertisements that effectively communicate the requirements of the position and attract the right candidates. Don't miss this chance to enhance your recruitment skills and take your job postings to the next level!

We are thrilled to have Robert Koszewski, software engineer at Microsoft, as our guest speaker. Robert will be joined by Dana Kocane, CEO and Founder at Tech Recruitment, and Raivis Ašmanis, Team Lead at Tech Recruitment, as they delve into the key topics of creating a standout job advert.

During the webinar, we'll cover:

  1. The importance of the job advert in the hiring process
  2. The top 5 mistakes to avoid when creating a job advert
  3. Strategies for crafting a job advert that attracts top talent
  4. A job advert template to help you get started

Register now to secure your spot and we'll see you there!

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