10 Major Trends in Technology Recruitment and Headhunting

10 Major Trends in Technology Recruitment and Headhunting

Looking for the most recent technology recruitment trends? Look no further! While cooperating with employers and employees in the IT sectors across Europe, we see that the tech market is constantly evolving. HR managers will have a lot to think about, from mastering remote working processes to a greater emphasis on diversity.We researched all of the big trends to offer you the 10 most essential ones. It is critical to stay up with these trends whether you are searching for a new IT, fintech, or digital position or hiring tech talent.Finding qualified candidates — No.1 challenge in technology recruitmentAccording to a CodinGame & CoderPad 2022 Global Tech Hiring Survey, almost 50% of recruiters struggle to find qualified candidates. Thus, finding qualified candidates remains the no.1 challenge when recruiting tech talent. Working with IT, Fintech, and digital organizations on a daily basis, our Tech Recruitment team notices this tendency in technology recruitment as well.The market is competitive, as recruiters ranked "standing out from other organizations to acquire people" as the third most difficult task. As a result, expanding the talent pool will be central to HR strategies for differentiating oneself from competitors.

Degree requirements are lowering during a labor shortage

Following the report, companies are reconsidering degree requirements, and the labor shortage is hastening the trend. The number of positions in the tech industry that do not require a college degree has increased by 25% since 2019.Tech Recruitment also recommends companies consider whether a university degree is a sole method to assess candidates' competencies and skills. Perhaps assigning a technical task and observing the results will reveal a lot more in certain technology recruitment cases.Although attracting tech talent from non-academic backgrounds has become more frequent, according to the Stack Overflow Survey, 70% of all respondents and 80% of professional developers have completed some sort of higher education anyways, with a bachelor's degree being the most common.

Companies increase their investments in technology recruitment

After a challenging time in which many firms paused recruiting or even laid off personnel, businesses now appear to be feeling more optimistic. As a matter of course, talent attraction budgets have also grown, we found out from the CodinGame & CoderPad Survey.In 2022, 53% of recruiters forecast their hiring budget for tech personnel to increase. According to talent scouts, a larger compensation offer is essential to meet demand and compete with other IT businesses. As a result, prominent firms' investment in talent acquisition teams is rapidly growing.

Web Development & AI Learning — top in-demand tech skills

Developers and recruiters aren't always completely in sync about the skills they want to hire for or acquire. This year, though, market demand and newly acquired skills may balance out.As per CodinGame & CoderPad Survey, in 2022, Web Development, DevOps, and AI/Machine Learning are the top three talents recruiters want to employ for. Furthermore, developers want to study AI/Machine Learning, Web Development, and Game Development. It's a good match for Web Development and AI/Machine Learning!As a recruiting firm who work with both employers and employees every day, we advise job seekers and students in the IT industry to take this information seriously.

IT employees seek enhanced project management & scheduling

Stack Overflow Survey results in a statement that the top 3 issues that IT employees confront at work have not changed since 2020. Unplanned schedule changes are their main source of frustration, followed by unclear direction and a lack of technical understanding to complete tasks.Thus, employers that want to keep their staff should focus on giving clear direction, proper training, and managing project schedules with realistic deadlines.

Diversity takes center stage

In compliance with Forbes, approximately 80% of talent experts identified diversity hiring as the most critical technology recruitment trend.Finally, the patriarchal mindset that formerly controlled the software business is slowly fading as forward-thinking tech recruiters open their doors to competent personnel of all genders, races, and faiths.

Employer branding is becoming more crucial

Forbes report states that nearly 30% of business personnel leaders think a poor employer brand is limiting their ability to meet hiring targets. Across the board, personnel executives (69%) agree that employer branding is the most important location to invest their funds this year.We encourage companies to start thinking about this as soon as possible. Maintaining social networks to showcase employees' everyday routines and team values is a great place to start for employer branding!Since potential job searchers no longer have to limit themselves to working at companies within commuting distance, they now have lots of options. Companies are realizing this change and recognize the need of differentiating themselves as attractive places to work.

Recruiting via social media

If you can't find qualified candidates on employment sites, where else can you search? The alternative is social media.According to the Content Stadium Survey, 96% of recruiting teams make use of social media in 2022, and 64% have specific social recruitment and employer branding account(s). Although LinkedIn (79%) and Facebook (71%) remain the most popular social media platforms for finding new IT talent, Instagram and Twitter are also viable choices. 14% of recruitment teams also use TikTok, one of the newest social media channels.

Hybrid teams — just as productive as traditional teams

Based on the CodinGame & CoderPad Survey, the majority of teams are now hybrid as a result of the changes during the previous several years (only 20% were before the pandemic). 32% of IT employees believe this mix of on-site and remote personnel boosts productivity, while 51% of recruiters are certain it does.The efficiency of hybrid teams is wonderful news as companies look to expand their talent pool and developers seek remote solutions.

Remote working is here to stay

In 2022, 70% of developers want to work remotely, with 33% preferring to work remotely full time and 37% preferring to work remotely a few days a week.By listening carefully to the wishes of both our employees and potential employees, we have also come to the exact same conclusion.This is further justified by the fact that only 4% would prefer to work full-time at the office, according to the CodinGame & CoderPad Survey. Fortunately, this corresponds to what most recruiters are providing.

Our predictions

Even though the number of resumes received in response to a job post might approach hundreds, the number still means nothing to talent acquisition professionals. Finding and selecting talent from this pool of individuals is a frequent difficulty for many startups and organizations.We are here to hear what's working well for your company and team. We are acting as internal technology recruitment partners who are there to help you throughout the recruitment process.To acquire the right IT, fintech & digital talent even faster, get in touch with us today!

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