How to find the right employee?

How to find the right employee?

One of the most important things you will ever do in your business is hire employees. They are the most important asset and expense that any business has. We all know the struggle: countless resumes pile up, each with seemingly familiar names and backgrounds. But what if the perfect candidate isn't hiding in plain sight, masked by traditional screening methods?

Forget about the "Perfect Match" CV: Over 150 cognitive biases can influence our decision-making, and the hiring process is no exception. Look beyond names, schools, physical location, and familiar hobbies. These factors have minimal impact on a candidate's actual job performance. Instead, unleash potential! When was the last time you hired someone from a completely different industry? Remember, industry background alone is not the sole indicator of success.

Don't just copy-paste your job descriptions: Identify the future skills required in the role, not just the present ones.

Showcase your company culture: Help candidates understand if they'd thrive in your work environment. Skill and value alignment aren't just interview talking points. Utilize a combination of tests and assessments to gain a well-rounded perspective.

Clearly outline your business goals and aspirations from the outset: Don't shy away from ambitious targets. Identifying individuals who share your vision and possess the drive to achieve them is essential for building a successful team.

If potential team members lack personal drive, it raises a red flag: Someone who struggles to define and actively pursue their own goals might not possess the necessary hunger and work ethic to contribute to the company's progress.

Get clear on individual goals: If they don't have any, that's a huge red flag. Someone who isn't clear on their goals and driven enough to set them, let alone achieve them, won't likely be willing to work hard to move the business forward.

Remember, the CV is just the beginning. The true recruitment journey extends beyond the hiring process. Be prepared to nurture and support your new hires to ensure they flourish within your team.

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