Labor market trends in 2022

Labor market trends in 2022

Labour market trends in 2022

At the moment we see a lot of information about the trends of 2022. Tech Recruitment has created their own list of the main trends:

1) The most demanded specialists are still candidates with good digital skills: especially in the IT, Telecommunications, Communications and Media industries. Then - in the field of Banking, Finance, Insurance and Real Estate. There will be less demand to hire employees in restaurants, hotels, Non-profit and Municipal organizations.

2)  Flexibility - Flexibility, autonomy and work-life balance will be even more important than salary.

3) Fully remote or hybrid model work: This increases the competition between highly qualified professionals, as now you can work from anywhere.

4) Meaningful work. Many people want to understand their strengths and not waste time, energy on a job or place they don't like.

5)  Cultural fit. Candidates' soft skills are still very important. When we are hiring technical specialists, personal qualities are even more important than technical ones.

According to the ManpowerGroup Survey, the statistics of USA Labor Bureau and our own extensive experience in recruitment.

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